Slide presentations

Early treatment of diffuse cutaneous systemic scleroderma: place of peripheral hematopoietic stem cell autotransplantation

  • October 21th 2022: Journée du Centre de Référence des Maladies Auto-immunes Systémiques Rares d’Ile de France, Hôpital Cochin, Paris, France – D. Farge
Stem cell therapy in autoimmune disease

  • Cours Nancy 2020 – D. Farge
Systemic sclerosis : To graftt or not to graft ?

  • March 15th 2019 : Encounters in Immunology and Immunotherapy practices, Paris, France – D. Farge
Stem Cell Therapy For Autoimmune and Autoinflammatory Diseases

  • December 12th, 2018 – L’Amicale des Jeunes Internistes (AJI), 78ème congrès de la SNFMI, Grenoble- D. Farge
Improving Treatment Related Mortality over Time – Data from the NISSc by the EBMT Autoimmune Diseases Working Party (ADWP)

  • December 2nd, 2018 – 60th American Hematology Society anual meeting, San Diego, USA – D. Farge & Z. Marjanovic
“Analysis of the immune determinants after treatment by allogeneic Mensenchymal Stem Cell in Systemic Sclerosis patients” – MATHEC laureate of GFRS 2017 grant call

  • November 15th, 2018 – 22ème réunion annuelle Groupe Francophone de Recherche sur la Sclérodermie, Hôpital Cochin, Paris – P. Lansiaux
ASTIS and Beyond…

  • October 15th, 2018- Joint Educational Meeting of the ADWP & SAAWP, Florence, Italie, D. Farge
  • April 6th, 2018- Canadian Research network on Scleroderma, Montréal, Canada, D. Farge
“Autologous Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation in Systemic Sclerosis”

  • October 15th, 2018 – Joint Educational Meeting of the ADWP & SAAWP, Florence, Italie – D. Farge
  • March 17-21, 2018- 44th Annual meeting of EBMT, Lisbonne, Portugal – D. Farge
“Mensenchymal Stem Cell Therapy in connective tissue diseases”

  • May 4th, 2018 – Grand Rounds, Jewish General Hospital, Rheumatology Department, McGill University, Montreal, Canada – D. Farge
Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantion (HSCT) for Auto-Immunes Diseases,
September 7th, 2016 – UF04 Internal Medicine, Saint Louis Hospital, Paris, France. – M. Badoglio et H. Faivre