Access to COVID-19 vaccination is a public health priority and essential for immunosuppressed and or fragile patients. In addition to patients vaccination, effective vaccination of their family and relatives are important, while careful implementation of of “protective measures” remain the best approaches to avoid contamination.
Treatments are now available to reduce the risk of developing severe COVID-19 infection in case of effective contact with a COVID 19 carrier or of developing a severe form of the disease in the event of a proven contamination.
On March 28, 2022, the french « Vaccine Strategy Steering Committee (Vaccine Strategy Advisory Board) published updated recommendations for protection (vaccination and prophylaxis) against Covid-19 in fragile patients and people with severe immunodeficiency.
In case of contact with a COVID-19 infected individual or if you are personally affected, we recommend that you contact your referring physician or hospital, so has to get specific individualized medical advice and if required prophylactic or curative treatment.
The successive and regularly updated recommendations are below:
26/03/2022 decree extending the indications and specifying the modalities of vaccination against COVID-19 for immunocompromised patients, according to disease or treatment categories: long-term corticosteroids, immunosuppressants, Rituximab or other biotherapy), bone marrow and organ transplant recipients and certain other conditions.
13/01/2022 SFGM-TC recommendations to implement the 04/01/2022 Direction Générale de la Santé (DGS) guidelined
Summary of the Covid19 vaccination recommendations as proposed by CRMR MATHEC.
11/07/2022 DGS and 13/07/2022 HAS updated recommendations with specific guidelines for the prophylactic and curative management of the Sars-CoV-2 disease according to the new sub-variants BA.4 and BA.5 of the virus.
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To further knowledge, improve clinical practice, patient care, and tranlational research into the clinical and biological follow-up of patients with autoimmune diseases treated with bone marrow transplant and other stem cell therapies in France.
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